EPK Translations is a Chinese translation company focusing on the translation between English and Chinese. Our permanent staff are Chinese, but our goal and pride is "making my English as good as my Chinese".

We are focusing on the English translation, because we can only deliver what we, as a group, can and have the confidence to do best. We believe in the Chinese saying that each individual has learnt his own special academic knowledge, and our fate has made the English language our life's pursuit. Thus all our staff are working in the delight of English translations, and making it our goal to be the best and most thorough in this field.

At least having a Master degree in English, all of the staff have been using the English language for more than 14 years, and most of us have a long history working in the translation field. Our freelance translators include senior doctorates, university professors, industry experts and native English speakers, they are our strong backup for our successful translation tasks.

To maximize value for our clients, we've invested in people, software and hardware, so we are well positioned to provide a suite of quality services, which when combined, can make the most positive impact for clients. They include:
* Chinese translation service
* Interpreter Beijing (or anywhere in China)
* Chinese desktop publishing
* Website localization into Chinese
* Chinese typesetting